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International Rectifier launches new IRS2092 integrated audio driver IC

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International Rectifier (IR) , a leader in power management technology, introduced a chipset featuring the new IRS2092 integrated audio driver IC with protected PWM switching and International Rectifier’s full complement of digital audio MOSFETs.

The chipset targets medium power, high performance Class D audio amplifiers from 50W to 500W in home theatre, home stereo, active speaker, musical instrument, and professional audio applications.

International Rectifier’s new chipset brings the audio efficiency and size advantages of Class D to high performance amplifiers, significantly shrinking the overall board area required by Class AB designs, without compromise to audio performance.

IC simplifies the designer’s job by delivering a flexible ‘building block’ approach complete with protection, deadtime, and PWM modulator which can easily scale to address changing design needs by simply replacing MOSFETs.

The new chipset forms a Class D audio solution that is much smaller than a comparable Class AB design. In a 100W application, for example, the IRS2092 IC and IRF6645 DirectFET MOSFETs reduce board size by 60% and eliminate 20% of the parts from the typical bill of materials.

IRS2092 audio IC technical details:

Based upon a half bridge topology, the new audio driver IC integrates four essential functions for Class D design implementation including error amplifier, PWM comparator, gate driver, and robust protection circuitry. As a result, this compact 16-pin IC offers high noise immunity and reduced start and stop click noise, while greatly reducing some of the complicated and costly design tasks such as overload protection.

Key IRS2092 features include:

  • An analog PWM modulator with frequency up to 800 kHz
  • Programmable bidirectional over-current protection (OCP) with self-reset control
  • Under-voltage lockout protection (UVLO), and
  • Programmable preset deadtime for a scalable power design.
Digital audio MOSFET technical details:

The IC may be paired with an extensive range of digital audio MOSFETs addressing output power from 50W to 500W. These MOSFETs, part of IR’s IRFI4x, IRFB422x, and DirectFET families, have been optimized around parameters critical to audio performance such as efficiency, THD, and EMI.

IRAUDAMP5 reference design:

The IRAUDAMP5 reference design speeds development and evaluation. Based upon the IRS2092 IC and the IRF6645 DirectFET power MOSFETs, the two-channel design is a 120W half-bridge power amplifier which may be scaled for power and number of channels, and requires no heatsink under normal operating conditions.

The design offers an efficiency of 96% at 120W in the MOSFET stage, and a THD+N of 0.005% at 1 kHz, 60W, four ohms.

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