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International Rectifier advances M3G series of space level DC-DC converters with DSCC SMDs

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International Rectifier , IR, a world leader in power management technology, has released that the Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC) has issued additional Standard Microcircuit Drawings (SMDs) for its family of high-reliability DC-DC converters to include the majority of IR’s M3G series of space level DC-DC converters. With the addition of these 40 new DSCC SMDs, the total number of International Rectifier DC-DC SMDs complying with the MIL-PRF-38534 performance specification now stands at more than 500. For systems designers involved in Department of Defense programs, this action simplifies procurement and support tasks for high-reliability microcircuits they select.

According to IR, having M3G series now DSCC qualified simplifies the design cycle and furthers its continuing efforts for off-the-shelf radiation-hardened DC-DC converters. The M3G series reduces power architecture development and sourcing costs, while providing critical electrical and environmental performance.

The M3G converters are complete single-ended forward buck converter building blocks for 28V-, 50V- and 70V-input power buses. These converters are offered in single-, dual- or triple-output configurations and are targeted for space level applications. Each module is assembled, tested and documented to reduce or eliminate time needed for analysis and documentation of in-house circuit designs. The new converters simplify integration since EMI filtering as well as frequency and phase synchronisation are built-in.

International Rectifier has a well-established heritage in aerospace and defense applications. This recent release of 40 SMDs demonstrates its continued commitment to the Defense Logistics Agency’s SMD Program, DSCC, and customers.

An SMD is a document that makes an effort to delineate the US Government’s requirements for certain existing commercial microcircuit, which is tested for a military application. SMDs specify configuration, physical envelope size, mounting and mating dimensions, interface characteristics, performance requirements, and inspection and test requirements as may be applicable to a specific military environment. The SMD program was created to streamline hardware procurement by reducing the proliferation of contractor-based drawings and specifications.

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