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article image Low package inductance and resistance.

INTERNATIONAL Rectifier has released die on leadframe (DOL) packaging for automotive subsystems. It is designed for electro-hydraulic power steering (EHPS), electric power steering (EPS) and automotive motion control applications.

It delivers low package inductance and resistance by minimising the number of material layers to improve thermal performance while reducing the number of interconnections. Lower thermal resistance allows the use of smaller silicon devices. The lower inverter electrical resistance allows for higher current capabilities with smaller die sizes and lower torque ripple.

For medium to high power applications, DOL packaging offers better electrical conductivity and increased thermal performance than alternative packaging methods using insulated metal substrate (IMS), direct-bonded copper (DBC) to a ceramic substrate, thick film substrates or PCB-based modules.

A DOL power module includes silicon devices directly soldered to a copper leadframe within an injection-moulded shell. The internal components are connected directly to outside terminals, eliminating intermediate insulation and conductive layers.

The first IR devices to use DOL technology are IR's automotive power modules for EPS and EHPS applications. The IR11867-E02 is a 120A module while the IR11867-E01 is a 160A module. They include built-in temperature-sense feedback and bus-current sensing.

Other features include a high-frequency, low-inductance package for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and an integrated decoupling capacitor across negative and positive bus for EMI suppression at high frequencies. The DOL modules are housed in a 60mm x 36mm x 8mm plastic package.

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