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Digital angle gauge and measure

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article image Gottlieb digital angle gauge.

INTERNATIONAL Measuring Equipment (IME) has released a new series of digital angle gauge from Gottlieb Nestle GmbH of Germany. Two aluminium hinged arms, working on the same plan, are connected to a very strong pivot-sensor.

The reading of the angle measured is displayed on a large, easy-to-read LCD screen.

The tool uses very little power, works on a 9-volt battery lasting up to 400 hours The LCD display will show the angle to 0.10 with an accuracy of ±0.10.

Two acrylic-resin vials at 00 and 900 allow reading of grading, slope or pitch of surface.

The angle gauge is supply with battery and come in four different size and full warranty.

Digital angle measure

The Winkelstar Electronic is an angle measuring device with electronic digital indication. The measuring range of the tool is from 00 to 199.90 in 0.10 increments, with accuracy of ±0.1.

The LCD unit display has 12mm high figures and low battery sign. It is simple and easy to use. The two arms stop in any position, no locking required. Horizontal and vertical vial provide means of level or checking pitch, grading, or slope.

IME imports four specific sizes from 367mm to 1054mm.

Bench tape

Richter GmbH of Germany manufactures a wide range of bench or set tapes, reading from left to right, right to left ,up down or down up. It comes in any length from 0.5m to 50m or more.

These tapes are manufactured from 10mm or13mm wide steel, coated against corrosion, polyamid nylon finish to stand hard wear, and include a self-adhesive backing.

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