International Magnetic Solutions (IMS)

International Magnetic Solutions (IMS) manufacture and supply high quality rare earth permanent magnets and related products. IMS services the mining, industrial and testing sectors.

Their product range includes Neodymium iron boron magnets, ferrite magnets, aluminium/nickel/cobalt magnets and flexible magnets.


Supplier news
12/08/14 - International Magnetic Solutions (IMS) will market their magnetic products and services on stand 7014 at M&E NSW.
Supplier news
14/06/13 - International Magnetic Solutions will showcase innovative magnetic technology for mining and industrial applications on Stand H1026 at AIMEX.

Contact International Magnetic Solutions (IMS)

International Magnetic Solutions (IMS) (Head office) Update these details
Unit 1, 12 Jura St
Raymond Terrace
NSW 2324
Tel: 02 4987 3912
Fax: 02 4987 7651

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