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article image Tested for 90,000 hours.

INTERNATIONAL Chemicals Engineering has released the Pulsar HypoPump that has a unique technology providing a simple and intuitive pressurised flushing system integral to the pump head.

It is specifically designed to meter the full range of concentrations of sodium hypochlorite, and its vapours, for all industrial and municipal water, wastewater and disinfection applications.

"Dosing sodium hypochlorite is one of the most common applications for metering pumps and also one of the biggest challenges for industry because of vapour locking and crystallisation," says the company’s national sales manager, Scott Young.

"The patent pending design allows pressurised process fluid to cyclically flush vapours and liquids through the pump's discharge check system, while maintaining high performance and chemical dosing accuracy.

“The design is integral to the pump head and eliminates the need for expensive, unreliable, and undesirable bypass systems including piping, valves, fittings, and instrumentation."

The system is closed-loop and not open to atmosphere at any point, therefore eliminating crystallisation of the sodium hypochlorite.

The exclusive and distinctive design also enhances self-priming capabilities since the pump system, automatically evacuates entrained air in the piping system and pump head.

The pump has been engineered to provide accurate, reliable flow and be left untouched by maintenance staff.

Young said the Pulsar HypoPump was designed to enhance sodium hypocholorite dosing applications by maximising run time and minimising downtime and human intervention.

“It is a generational leap in fluid and gas handling metering pump technology by providing years of uninterrupted service."

The Pulsar HypoPump has been installed in a wide variety of significantly troublesome installations.

The main purpose has been to demonstrate its performance in actual municipal and industrial water and wastewater applications in preparation and support of the commercial launch of the pump.

It has been tested in the manufacturer's laboratory for 90,000 hours and at ten beta sites in the field for 15,000 hours.

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