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Pallet wide, refrigerated and livestock containers from Intermodal Solutions

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Intermodal Solutions  supplies a comprehensive range of containers including pallet wide containers, curtain side containers, side opening containers, refrigerated containers, bulk containers, open tops, storage containers, custom built, dangerous containers, specialised containers and livestock containers.

Intermodal Solutions offers different types of pallet wide containers. These pallet wide containers differ in the maximum gross weight that may be 34,000 kilograms for some, while for few other containers it would be 32,000 kilograms. Low base curtain side containers supplied by Intermodal Solutions consist of features that include maximum gross weight ranging to about 35,000 kilograms, tare weight of about 6,100 kilograms as well as payload ranging to about 28,900 kilograms. The cubic capacity of these low base containers from Intermodal Solutions is about 77.5 cubic metres.

Refrigerated containers from Intermodal Solutions include refrigerated load bars, diesel cooling units, insulated refrigerated units, refrigerated air flow floor containers, refrigerated internal containers and integral refrigerated units. Side opening containers having vent from Intermodal Solutions have internal length ranging to about 6002 millimetres with external length of about 6100 millimetres.

Intermodal Solutions supplies livestock containers. These containers are made of aluminium and possess maximum gross weight of about 24,000 kilograms. Other features of these livestock containers include door opening option as well as gooseneck tunnel.

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