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The SR30 lightweight handheld barcode scanner, available from Intermec

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Now available from Intermec , the SR30 handheld barcode scanner is ideal for scanning applications within an office or light industrial settings.

Offering the optimum combination of performance, durability, ergonomics and investment protection, the SR30 handheld barcode scanner is quick and simple to install and reconfigure, and is designed to automatically adapt to different interfaces.

The lightweight SR30 handheld scanner integrates patented Intermec Vista linear imaging technology to deliver fast, consistently accurate scanning even when bar codes are damaged or poorly printed.

Area imager versions of the SR30 barcode scanner include support for popular 1D and 2D barcodes as well as image capture capability. Items are scanned without having to orient the SR30 to the barcode, thereby increasing productivity in scan-intensive environments.

The auto-adapting capabilities of the SR30 handheld barcode scanner simplify installation, enabling an instant connection to Intermec mobile or fixed mount computers, and personal computers.

Furthermore, should new application requirements arrise, only the interface cables need to be changed not the device itself. This flexibility reduces device costs and complexity as inventory needs are simplified, and user training costs reduced.

The SR30 handheld barcode scanner also includes the Intermec EasySet software set-up tool for easy configuration and personalisation. Users can quickly select beeper tones and volumes, good read and error read responses, and many other preferences.

Additionally, the SR30 scanner can be configured for data editing, thus enabling the user to scan barcode data, edit it via the scanner, and only transmit desired output to the host.

Key features of the SR30 handheld barcode scanner include:

  • auto-adapting interface for fast and easy connectivity
  • interface flexibility reduces need for multiple devices
  • aggressive scan rate
  • patented Vista scanning technology to read damaged or poorly printed bar codes
  • easy configuration and personalisation
  • supports data editing
  • loightweight and comfortable to hold
  • GTIN compliance, GS1 databar compatible
There are also a range of holder accessories available for the SR30 handheld barcode scanner, including:
  • desktop stand
  • wall mount holder
  • and hands-free stand.

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