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Odyssey, a robust and Scalable Data Security Device

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The partnership between Intermec ’s supply chain solutions and Cisco’s network technology  is designed to help companies run leaner than ever before. The products that emerge from this association include a broad range of security solutions for device, data communication and system authentication, ensuring privacy of wireless networks and enterprise applications.

Odyssey is a wireless LAN access control and security solution that not only provides strong security over the wireless link, but can also be easily and widely deployed and managed across an enterprise network.  Odyssey, a belted radius server,  secures the authentication and connection of wireless LAN (WLAN) users, ensuring that only authorised users can connect, that connection credentials will not be compromised, and that data privacy will be maintained.

Some of the features of these wireless LAN security solution are:

  • Odyssey supports a wide variety of 802.1x security methods, including the strong and easily managed security method EAP-TTLS,  which  offers the significant benefit of not requiring the set up and management of client certificates on each WLAN user’s PC. Instead, the WLAN user is safely authenticated to the network using ordinary password-based credentials, whose use is made proof against active and passive attack by enclosing it in a TLS security wrapper.
  • Odyssey Client runs on multiple Windows platforms, Both Odyssey Client and Server support all 802.1x-capable access equipment, for unsurpassed multi-vendor compatibility
  • Odyssey Server is a RADIUS server customised to handle WLAN users and security. It handles connection requests from Odyssey Clients and other 802.1x clients which support WLAN authentication types.
  •     The level of security on a WLAN is determined by the “EAP authentication type” in use. EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol) authentication types provide credential security, data security, or both. Odyssey supports the following EAP (Extensive Authentication Protocol) authentication types:  EAP-TTLS (provides secure user authentication, using a TLS tunnel to encrypt password-based credentials that would be otherwise subject to dictionary attack on the wireless link) . EAP-PEAP is appropriate for use against Windows Active Directory and domains (via EAP-MS-CHAP-V2). Both the Microsoft and Cisco versions of EAP-PEAP are supported on Odyssey Client and Server. EAP-TLS is a follow-on to Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that  provides strong security, but relies on client certificates for user authentication. EAP-TLS is supported on both Odyssey Client and Server. LEAP , authentication method primarily used for WLAN clients connecting to Cisco WLAN access points such as the Cisco Aironet Series. LEAP is supported on both Odyssey Client, Odyssey Client for Pocket PC, and Odyssey Server. EAP-MD5 a method that  duplicates CHAP password protection on a WLAN. EAP-MD5 represents a kind of base-level EAP support among 802.1x devices. EAP-MD5 is supported on Odyssey Client.
  • With EAP-TTLS, dynamic per-session keys are generated to encrypt the wireless connection and protect data privacy. Odyssey Server can be configured to re-authenticate and thus re-key at any interval; frequent re-keying thwarts known attacks against the encryption method used in wireless communications (WEP).
  • Odyssey is an end-to-end solution which provides unsurpassed security and ease of management when using EAP-TTLS. It was designed to be compatible in a wide variety of WLAN environments, and with other 802.1x solutions.
  • Odyssey Client incorporates numerous conveniences for end users, and many deployment tools for network managers. This powerful combination of features allows rapid adoption by the end user population, to significantly reduce support and training costs; and enables rapid deployment of a configured client across all the wireless devices in your organization.
  • Odyssey Server – a RADIUS server specially designed to manage WLAN access – reflects the simple set-up, reliable and high-performance operation, and multi-vendor compatibility that are the hallmarks of Steel-Belted Radius, our market-leading RADIUS/AAA server.

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