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Intermec Aust releases new IT67 Enterprise Rigid Asset Tag

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article image Intermec Aust introduce new Lateral Transmitting Tag

On Oct. 22nd, 2008, Intermec Aust introduced the IT67 Enterprise Lateral Transmitting (LT) Tag, a RFID tag with both edge and normal reading performance designed to support portal and forklift applications and enhance forklift reading performance.  

Users can read the data from the IT67 laterally with edge reading, decreasing the need to face the tag directly. This allows organisations to streamline operations and track assets without the need for chokepoints.       

The IT67 can be used for industries that track large metal containers such as the automotive, postal and waste management industries. The passive tag meets Gen 2 and 18000-6C requirements and is equipped with a rugged casing to survive wear and tear. 

It also features a thin profile and provides read range performance of up to 26 feet.  Further, the IT67 is reusable for lower cost per use and can be mounted to containers with a variety of methods including screws, rivets and double-sided adhesive strips. It is compatible with the complete suite of Intermec mobile and fixed RFID readers.    

“The IT67 is a significant advancement for our line of rugged, industry leading RFID tags,” said Ray Cronin, Vice President and General Manager, RFID, Intermec Aust.

“We designed the IT67 specifically to track returnable containers for automotive manufacturers and their suppliers giving them the ability to read data in either a portal or forklift application, thus simplifying their tracking processes and minimising their infrastructure investment requirements. The combined edge and normal reading ability allows businesses to optimise operations, save time, minimise shrinkage and achieve a better return on investment.”

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