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Intermec has launched in Australia and New Zealand the CV30, a flexible, rugged, fixed-mount computer. 

With a choice of Microsoft Windows CE.NET 5.0 or Windows Mobile 5.0 operating systems, multiple mounting options, Cisco Compatible WiFi, Bluetooth and RFID support, the CV30 can be deployed just about anywhere. The CV30 is built rugged to excel in dirty and dusty environments, freezing conditions and water wash-down procedures. 

The CV30 provides a versatile data collection control centre that maximises productivity, while freeing workers from the hassle of managing cables. It is equally at home on a forklift, in a cab or as a stationary terminal. This robust versatility, combined with the CV30’s competitive price point, makes the CV30 a smart choice for deployment across multiple applications, so that companies can enjoy improved efficiencies, increased safety and better asset utilisation. 

The CV30 offers a compelling combination of technology performance, form factor and footprint. Moreover, its versatility in terms of I/O, mounting options and wireless support, and competitive price point should position the CV30 as an attractive vehicle or fixed-mount computer option to potential users. 

The CV30 is more than 50 percent smaller than most vehicle-mounted devices, providing workers a safer, unobstructed field of vision. It complies with new OSHA standards to provide maximum unobstructed visibility for forklift operators without compromising durability, yet features a sharp, 6.4 inch/16.5cm full-screen colour display and easy-to-use keyboard that support virtually any application. The touch-sensitive display is heated, making it ideal for cold warehouse operations. 

The CV30 is the first fixed-mount computer to let customers choose between Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows CE.NET 5.0 operating systems, allowing it to fit easily into an enterprise’s current work processes. It also includes Intermec’s factory-loaded TE2000 terminal emulation, enabling immediate integration into any enterprise without modifying key legacy applications or retraining users. 

Microsoft is dedicated to providing rich, consistent hardware and applications support and with the CV30, customers can now choose between Windows CE and Windows Mobile platforms for a solution that will best suit their needs. Flexible platforms are essential to successful business deployment, and Microsoft is excited that Intermec is creating a device that enhances productivity while keeping an eye on existing system integration. 

At the heart of this rugged computer is wireless connectivity, for unparalleled location and application flexibility. The CV30’s integrated 802.11b/g WLAN radio is Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) certified for simplified application development and seamless interoperability in Cisco infrastructures. 

The integrated Bluetooth radio supports wireless bar code scanning, while eliminating annoying and potentially dangerous cables. Paired with a Bluetooth wireless headset, it enables support for wireless speech recognition for voice-command picking operations and VoIP, two revolutionary applications for warehouse operations that improve employee productivity and efficiency. 

Location-based services, such as asset tracking or presence management, are driving all sorts of new, innovative and highly useful productivity solutions. By using the advanced capabilities of Cisco Compatible Extensions, Intermec allows administrators and businesses to untap the greater potential of wireless and location-based services.

The CV30 is the core of Intermec’s RFID-enabled Forklift of the Future concept, which turns forklifts into powerful, real-time communications hubs capable of dramatically increasing warehouse efficiency and productivity. It has two styles of vehicle mounting, as well as a desktop mount for work-in-progress and other stationary applications and a wall-mount option for time and attendance applications.

The CV30 is available immediately.

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