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EA21 Megapixel 2D Imager from Intermec

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Intermec has been at the leading edge of data collection technology and products since 1966 and, as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), continues to offer high value scan engines for manufacturers of data collection devices with a broad range of applications such as computers, kiosks, blood analysers, robotic automation, medical instruments, etc.   The EA21 Megapixel 2D Imager is one of Intermec's range of 2D imagers that combine  scanning power and efficiency for any application that calls for laser, linear, or area imaging.  The EA21 not only provides high performance 1D and 2D bar code scanning at standard range but thanks to its wide angle and large sensor it can be used for various image capture and image analysis applications.

The EA21 is very flexible and captures images in 99% of lighting conditions. .By combining 2D barcode scanning and Megapixel document imaging into a pico size form factor, EA21 is the ideal solution for mobile products with the most stringent mechanical constraints.

Powered by Intermec patented decoding and leading edge hardware, the EA21 is designed for intensive scanning usage on standard 1D and 2D barcodes for maximum scanning productivity and accuracy. Some of the features of the E21 Megapixel 2D Imager include:

  • High resolution document capture, up to A4 format
  • Space-saving: Combines high-performance bar code scanning and document capture in one form factor
  • Reduces cost of ownership by reducing development time and eliminating the need for 2 optics
  • Future proofed: Reads any 1D and 2D bar codes omni-directionally and provides image capture and analysis opportunities
  • New: available with the industry smallest USB 2.0 high performance decoding board, to add decoding speed and further save room
  • Highly visible laser-aiming frame – Enhanced comfort in use, from total darkness to bright sunshine environments
  • Plug compatible with Intermec EA11 and EA20X 2D Imager – Leverages your design efforts and provides interchangeability
  • Highly durable design – Built to withstand harsh environments

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