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Centrifuges and magnetic drums from Interfil

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The centrifuges from Interfil are capable of separating solids from emulsions, industrial oils and solvents to achieve liquid reclamation and material recovery. The precision-built centrifuge units generate up to 1,400 gravitational centrifugal force. The centrifuges from Interfil provide better performance and are also cost-effective.

Centrifuges, offered by Interfil, inlcude features such as a 3 point vibration isolation, precision balanced bowl, 3 point sealing, stainless steel bowl construction that does not require special anchoring, automatic cleaning, compact design, easy bowl placement and removal. The centrifuge provided by Interfil can be used in areas such as bio-diesel, pharmaceutical, plant dewatering, cutting oils, grinding coolants, drawing process honing oils, hydrolic fluids, washing solutions, silver reclamation, waste water and glass cutting.

The magnetic drum, offered by the Interfil, improves machine efficiency, extends coolant life and lowers costs in grinding applications for ferrous materials. The heavy duty multi-pole grade 8 permanent magnets increase the magnetic field, especially for increased ferrous particle separation. This fully automatic and self-cleaning magnetic drum separator comprises of a stainless steel fabricated tank that incorporates a 127 millimetre diameter magnetic drum, constructed from stainless steel, fitted with a heavy duty multi-pole ceramic grade 8 permanent magnetic circuit.

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