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Centrifugal blowers and surface oil skimming from Interfil

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Centrifugal blowers from Interfil offer an economical solution to many industrial applications. The blowers from Interfil can be supplied in one stage or five stages, depending on the duty required. The centrifugal blowers from Interfil are suitable for applications with required pressures of up to 30Kpa.

Centrifugal blowers from Interfil include features such as heavy duty multi-stage exhauster, efficient design for low power consumption, light weight construction, cast alloy body construction, direct driven or v-belt drive for increased performance.

The Hoffman vacumatic filter is a flatbed vacuum unit offered by Interfil. The continuous metal conveyor belt in the Hoffman vacumatic filter supports the disposable media, while a heavy-duty Hoffman exhauster creates a vacuum beneath the media.

Hoffman vacumatic filters are used in areas such as grinding applications, hot and cold rolling, wire drawing, machining coolants, caustic washes, continuous casting, mill waste filtration, phosphatising, paint booth filtration, clarifier underflow, can body production, food waste and wet scrubbers.

The surface oil skimming, provided by the Interfil, is used to remove oil and grease from sullage drains, remove tramp and free oils from coolants, cut and process liquids, remove motor spirit and oils from wash pads and pits, recover products from process and wash waters and remove oily wastes from settling tanks.

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