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Quality work garners customer appreciation for Interfab

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With more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing precision sheet metal components, attention to detail and customer care are part of Interfab’s commitment to quality and service delivery.

According to Interfab, a good relationship with customers is an important factor in producing a consistently high level of quality work.

Interfab’s client, Fairlight, has had a ten year relationship with Interfab that has enabled it to win awards for its audio editing, recording and mixing equipment.

Interfab has consistently provided high level of service, attention to detail and manufacturing quality to Fairlight.

As Fairlight was impressed with Interfab’s work, it awarded Interfab with its prestigious Manufacturing Partner of The Year Award in 2005.

Clive Wilson Switchgear worked with Interfab that helped to re-design and produce fifty new external electrical control kiosk enclosures located at various Sydney Water sewerage pumping stations.

The Interfab team faced a major design challenge as the modular design had to encompass the range of sizes required and maintain the complete standardisation of each item.

Interfab’s designers and senior management made valuable recommendations as to the type of materials used, the finish adopted and the manufacturing requirements for the external electrical control kiosk enclosures.

The result was that 50 units were delivered on time to Sydney Water. Some seven years later, more than 800 units have been produced. Sydney Water has now remained a client of Interfab for more than 10 years.

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