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Fabrication specialist Interfab grows with precision throughout MRP revolution

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Australian engineering and fabrication specialist Interfab was one of the earliest adopters of MRP software with its first MRP system, ManuSoft developed by Manufacturing Software and installed in 1992.  

Through the use of MRP software, Interfab has made a name for itself as a profitable niche quantities facilitator. MRP software’s impact on fabrication and engineering throughout its 25 years of evolution is only now being measured in the industry.  

Interfab caters to the fabrication needs of clients from the defence, aerospace and biomedics sectors, along with general industry.  

Interfab’s MRP system, ManuSoft today integrates a powerful SQL version and financials component, thoroughly linking the production plant with the management’s office. The system has helped the company achieve significant gains including accuracy, waste limitation and efficiency.  

ManuSoft is a real time dynamic control program that supports the design control and management of every stage of the manufacturing and materials process at Interfab. An easy-to-use intuitive tool that does all the thinking, sequencing and inventory control, ManuSoft takes worry and wastage out of the equation for production staff, allowing them to focus on the job at hand without stress.  

Interfab has overseen a very sensible and professional growth on the strength of this touchscreen software developed by Manufacturing Software, which is now releasing an online MRP product, ManuDyn for instant rollout on an international level.  

According to General Manager of Interfab, Mr Mike O'Brien, the MRP software has provided many improvements in business processes. By implementing MRP at an early stage in the business, the company has been able to better control and manage their processes.  

Interfab has continuous upgraded to later versions of MRP software to integrate financials and are now moving completely into true job costing that provides them with the ability to have continuous improvement in their business.  

Interfab is currently seeking to leverage the reporting to enable the office and management to be even more closely linked to the shop floor.  

Key advantages of MRP software for Interfab:  

  • Increased transparency at every stage of the production process, linking the shop floor with office processes through data flow
  • Ability to accurately analyse and cost a project for Interfab’s prospective clients for greater efficiency in quotation
  • Gives control and better management of job processes in the business
  • Creates job cards and ensures all materials and components are coming in to set up a bill of materials and labour content
  • Easy-to-use intuitive tool that does all the thinking, sequencing and inventory control
Interfab also provides fabrication services to a variety of industries including the mining sector, general manufacturing, banking, government, telecommunications, automotive, electrical and electronics, transport and railways.


Mr O’Brien explains that Interfab performs intricate cuts, bends, punching and shearing in-house while also managing a list of hand-picked subcontractors for design engineering, plating and powder coating among other tasks. The MRP system assists the company in managing this supply chain.  

Mr O’Brien believes a business such as Interfab should be in a ready position at all times to absorb work that may come up suddenly or due to unexpected circumstances. Interfab is expecting substantial metalworking requirements from companies further up the supply chain for the proposed National Broadband Network.  

The Queensland floods for instance, have created an urgent need for fabricated products for use in the rapid infrastructure renewal work to repair damage. The mining industry is another sector that continues to provide ongoing expansion prospects for Interfab.  

Mr O’Brien concludes by saying that the MRP system helps the company manage costs at every step of the way, giving them confidence in their own practices without the need to look offshore.

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