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Electromechanical products from Interconnections

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Interconnections  specialises in offering a wide range of electromechanical products. Electromechanical products from Interconnections are of premium quality. Interconnections sources quality electromechanical products from leading manufacturers and suppliers. Interconnections offers latest electromechanical and interconnect products to its customers.

Interconnections is said to be a specialist in supplying a wide range of passive components. Engineered with reliability and durability, Interconnections offers quality passive components. Interconnections offers passive and electromehanical products from various leading manufacturers including Cherry, Keystone, Microplastics, Switchtech, ECE, SPK, Pacer, SAE, Matsuta, Way ON and Harvatek.

Electromechanical products offered by Interconnections include rocker switches, micro switches, snap switches, push wheel switches, computer keyboards, speed sensors and magnetic proximity sensors. Interconnections also specialises in offering contacts, clips, battery and coin cell holders, cable ties, instrumentation handles, washers, grommets and stand offs. Interconnect products from Interconnections include screw terminals, cage clamps, binding posts, spacers, and phono jacks and plugs.

Passive components from Interconnections are of premium quality and durability. Passive products from Interconnections include flex mounting brackets, sealing washers, liquid tight fittings, slit tubing, metal cord grips, bushings, cable wraps and nylon locknuts. Passive products from Interconnections are highly efficient and effective.

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