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ioSafe chooses SolidWorks design and simulation software to create disaster-proof data storage devices

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article image ioSafe leveraged SolidWorks design, simulation and fluid-flow analysis tools to develop a disaster-proof data storage device

ioSafe chose an integrated solution from SolidWorks to support their business and technology objectives in the development of disaster-proof data storage devices.  

ioSafe, Inc. designs disaster-proof data storage devices designed to protect the growing volume of valuable personal and business data for computers ranging from notebooks to enterprise data centres.  

ioSafe required a design and simulation platform that both helped the company solve the complex physics involved and provided a foundation for accelerating product development and supporting rapid growth.  

The company needed to invent an efficient way to cool the heat-generating electronics inside a perfectly insulated enclosure. The enclosure was designed to protect the drive against fire up to temperatures of around 1550ºF and remain waterproof, while retaining a venting-and-fan system for cooling operational electronics.  

ioSafe chose SolidWorks Design, SolidWorks Simulation, and SolidWorks Flow Simulation computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis software because the integrated solution would enable the company to meet its business and technology objectives.  

ioSafe optimised the balance of air flow for cooling and outward steam flow during a fire using SolidWorks Flow Simulation tools. The simulation software helped ioSafe invent a thin, metallised, heat conductive and waterproof barrier that surrounded the hard drive to protect it against damage while maintaining vents for normal operation. The barrier allows the drive to survive submersion under water for days or fires.  

The SolidWorks design and simulation solutions helped ioSafe cut development time and cost while increasing growth and reducing training time.  

Key results: 

  • Cut time-to-market by 75%
  • Saved $15,000 per design by eliminating prototypes
  • Supported annual growth of 400%
  • Trained new designers in 80% less time

SolidWorks 3D CAD design software is also available in Australia and New Zealand from Intercad .

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