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Third-generation Wildcat product family

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INTERCAD has introduced the Wildcat III 6210 and Wildcat III 6110 graphics accelerators based on 3Dlabs' third-generation Wildcat III technology.

The new Wildcat III family of products raises the standard for performance, features and quality in professional 3D graphics, and further strengthens 3Dlabs' dominance as the performance pacesetter for professional graphics workstations.

Wildcat III technology continues to exploit the Wildcat ParaScale architecture by melding the geometry and raster engines into a single, high-performance, high-bandwidth, integrated chip.

This boosts geometry performance by up to 65 per cent, while doubling polygon performance and on-board memory bandwidth over current Wildcat products.

The result is 416MB of on-board memory capacity - the largest ever available for an AGP add-in board-and up to 244 per cent faster performance over the nearest competitor.

The Wildcat III 6210 and Wildcat III 6110 will be available in Australia and new Zealand through Intercad from March 2002. Intercad 02 9975 7133.

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