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TeamVodafone races ahead with 3D CAD design technology from Intercad

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article image A CAD model from Triple Eight Race Engineering's design team using Solidworks 3D CAD design technology

Australian computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) specialist, Intercad , has become a sponsor of TeamVodafone, providing them with Solidworks 3D CAD design technology for the design of its new Holden V8 Supercar.

TeamVodafone, Triple Eight Race Engineering’s V8 Supercar Championship leading team, recently recieved 10 licences of SolidWorks 3D CAD technology access to Intercad’s specialist technical support services to assist in the completion of the design of its new Holden V8 supercar.

Intercad is an authorised reseller of SolidWorks 3D CAD/CAM technology in Australia and New Zealand. The company has more than 20 years’ experience in the design, engineering and manufacturing industries in both countries.

Ian Drapier, Drawing Office Manager at Triple Eight Race Engineering, says SolidWorks 3D is being implemented to increase the productivity of the design team. Initial estimates show that the powerful 3D CAD design technology package will save the team more than an hour of time each day.

“This season we have a new car and we are still going through the initial period of testing and adjustments,” says Drapier. “When we come back from a race with something that needs improving we need to create new designs or iterations quickly, so we need our technology and services to be robust and help us improve our competitiveness on the track.”

Triple Eight Race Engineering has seven designers working on the components of the TeamVodafone car. Two race engineers and one data engineer travel with the team to each race, where they work under pressure to have the car race-ready.

Specialist technical support services are therefore critical in enabling Triple Eight Race Engineering to respond quickly to design issues. Intercad’s expert team of application engineers and technical support personnel has been working with Triple Eight Race Engineering to migrate its data from its previous CAD system to SolidWorks. Triple Eight Race Engineering now have a working model of the car in SolidWorks and are concentrating on working with the imported data on areas of the car that are currently being developed.

“Now we have the model up and running we will be looking to Intercad’s technical support team to help us iron out any day-to-day issues with using the software. Intercad’s technical support ensures we are using the software to its fullest potential,” says Drapier.

Intercad has a long history of working with high-performance sporting teams in Australia and New Zealand to help them increase their competitive advantage. The company supplied Emirates Team New Zealand with 3D CAD design technology and services to develop and test new approaches to the structural design of its yacht for the 2007 America’s Cup.

Max Piper, Chief Executive Officer, Intercad, says optimising each design component, whether it be for a yacht or a V8 supercar, will ensure maximum performance when racing.

“A key differentiator for the design team at Triple Eight Race Engineering is its desire to understand, upfront, the fundamentals of the engineering behind making the car go fast,” says Piper. “Applying those principles and putting the time in early to make sure the designs are right saves time and money by avoiding potential errors down the track.” 

The Triple Eight Race Engineering team includes fabricators and machinists who rely on their design work to produce top quality components. SolidWorks 3D CAD design technology provides improvements in the design cycle, like easier management of large assemblies and assistance with weldment environments for chassis design, which flows through to the manufacturing division and increase overall product quality.

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