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SolidWorks 2003 for November release

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INTERCAD has announced the availability of SolidWorks 2003 from mid November this year. The latest version of SolidWorks' three-dimensional computer-aided design (3D CAD) software streamlines product design and enables companies to bring products to market faster.

SolidWorks 2003 features hundreds of new enhancements that will help users analyse their design's structural integrity; easily communicate design information to others; locate downloadable parts via online supplier catalogues; and accelerate the design process with new modeling features.

SolidWorks 2003 gives users the flexibility to import and work with a variety of file formats including AutoCAD and CADKEY.

This capability helps users embrace 3D and integrate third-party part designs into their CAD files, so they can finish designs quickly.

SolidWorks 2003 is also the first mainstream 3D CAD software that lets users simulate realistic motion so they can easily check how gears in an assembly, for example, will function in actual operation and address any design flaws prior to manufacturing.

SolidWorks 2003 provides customers with several new capabilities and features to improve the design process, including:

* Enhanced modeling performance: New modeling features allow users to quickly build and edit parts, making SolidWorks 2003 more productive than any other part modeler in the world.

* Advanced part modeling: Using shared layout sketches and the most versatile multi-body architecture in the industry, SolidWorks gives users the maximum flexibility in designing parts.

* COSMOSXpress: Makes analysis accessible to the entire design and engineering community within SolidWorks software.

* 3D ContentCentralSM: A new online resource that helps users quickly find the exact supplier part or assembly they need via a Web site with hundreds of millions of downloadable solid models from leading component manufacturers worldwide.

* Physical simulation: SolidWorks is the only 3D CAD package to enable users to reduce the number of costly and time-consuming prototypes by testing how mechanisms with contact forces will interact when in motion.

* Improved Smart Mates: SolidWorks Smart Mates help users gather and assemble all the pieces in a design. The newest version allows users to pre-define mating scenarios so components can be fully oriented in a single step.

* CAD product interoperability: SolidWorks 2003 helps engineers migrate their legacy 2D AutoCAD files to 3D and enables them to easily import and manage different CAD systems.

SolidWorks 2003 is the core modeling software in the company's 3D design product suites: SolidWorks Office and the new SolidWorks Office Professional.

SolidWorks Office includes all of the 3D CAD functionality of SolidWorks 2003 with productivity and communication tools to improve product development.

SolidWorks Office Professional combines all of the functionality of SolidWorks Office with PDMWorks, a data management solution that allows workgroups to maintain version control and manage all of the design data as they generate it in a fully integrated environment.

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