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New standard for workstation graphics

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INTERCAD has announced the launch of the ELSA GLoria4 XGL family of graphics accelerators for 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and digital content creation (DCC).

The three boards in the family - GLoria4 Quadro4 750XGL and GLoria4 Quadro4 900XGL - based on the Nvidia Quadro4 XGL graphics processor, provide mid-range to high-end features for improving workstation graphics application performance, graphics programmability and multi-display productivity.

Based on Nvidia's fourth-generation Quadro4 XGL graphics processing units (GPUs), the new family of ELSA GLoria4 graphics accelerators offer a combination of dynamic memory bandwidth management, highly optimised OpenGL and DirectX drivers, and an architecture that renders 60 million lit, shaded and textured triangles per second.

At the heart of the ELSA GLoria4 XGL graphics accelerators lies Nvidia's second-generation nfiniteFX engine, which drive Nvidia's programmable OpenGL and DirectX shaders.

These tools enable graphics professionals to achieve procedural effects previously impossible to render in real time.

The latest workstation graphics applications rely heavily on the programmability of the Quadro4 XGL GPU for the full expression of their most advanced features and effects.

By exploiting these advanced application features, ELSA enables graphics professionals to use their workstations to create more compelling designs with higher levels of quality, which leads to higher productivity and faster turn-around times.

All the ELSA GLoria4 XGL products feature a unified memory architecture that dynamically allocates memory between graphics subsystems such as the frame buffer, texture memory and vertex memory. Intercad 02 9975 7133.

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