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Intercad’s SolidWorks Office Premium help Leussink Engineering design machine components

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Leussink Engineering design, re-engineer and manufacture machined components for a wide range of customers in industries including medical, steel and mining.

Established more than 30 years ago, Leussink Engineering work for clients around globe and also design and produce a range of their products. Leussink Engineering have recently upgraded to SolidWorks Office Premium, from Intercad to take advantage of routing design tools.


  • A lack of specialist CAD software meant in-house design was time consuming so it was mostly outsourced
  • Inaccurate designs wasting time, effort and money
  • Difficulty translating designs from overseas suppliers and customers
  • Disparate design data and multiple file versions caused confusion between design iterations
  • Difficulty designing pipe work within large assemblies

SolidWorks benefits:

  • Design has been brought in-house, saving time, simplifying the process and reducing reliance on other companies
  • SolidWorks has significantly reduced the error rate of designs, slashing design and re-work time
  • CAD software has improved communication between Leussink and its suppliers/customers, eliminating inaccuracy in interpretation of designs
  • All models created are linked to the original design, meaning Leussink can modify parts in the context of other parts rather than going back to the individual component itself
  • 80 to 90 per cent improvement in electrical and grease pipe design using SolidWorks Routing which is included in SolidWorks Office Premium

Jason Leussink, Company Director, Leussink Engineering said that SolidWorks has significantly reduced the re-work or scrap factor caused by inaccurate design. Leussink Engineering can now verify their assemblies before they start cutting metal, thus saving time and effort, which was sometimes wasted in the past.

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