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Intercad launches translationXPERT translator tool

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Intercad  has launched a new translation tool designed to facilitate better communication between Solidworks users across the world. 

As the manufacturing and design industry looks offshore to get closer to their overseas customers as well as to reduce production costs, there is a need to be able to communicate clearly regardless of language barriers.

Intercad’s translationXPERT is a new tool that enables English-speaking designers and manufacturers using Solidworks across the globe to collaborate with their Chinese counterparts and vice versa in the user’s native language.

Much more than a word-by-word translator, translationXPERT is a sophisticated tool leveraging Intercad’s proprietary dictionary of engineering and technical phrases, enabling users to translate feature names, drawing annotations, custom properties, configurations, display states and tables, all in a matter of seconds.

Designers and manufacturers using Solidworks located anywhere across the English-speaking world can exchange designs, parts and assembly files with their Chinese partners seamlessly, while enabling them to edit and add to those designs.

According to Max Piper, CEO of Intercad, the product will speed up the communication process between design and manufacturing companies in both countries, as well as significantly reduce errors, misinterpretations and misunderstandings. Apart from reducing costs in terms of both time and errors, the tool also enables greater efficiencies by reducing manual intervention and the need to assign technical writers/translators to any project.

Intercad recently completed its transition into a full-service mechanical computer-aided engineering solutions provider, with translationXPERT being the first of many new offerings.

Piper adds that the initial dictionaries are focused on English and Chinese but the infrastructure of the product is designed to be truly international and multilingual, translating from any language to any language.

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