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Intercad launch SolidWorks 2009 and 3DVIA at SolidWorks Innovation Day

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Computer-aided design and manufacturing specialists, Intercad , will launch the latest version of SolidWorks 3D CAD/CAM technology, SolidWorks 2009 and a new authoring tool, 3DVIA, at the SolidWorks Innovation Day roadshow.

SolidWorks 2009 includes over 250 enhancements that focus on the performance of the software., The time taken to open files, drawings and models has been reduced significantly, and zooming, panning and rotating through designs can be done quickly. The new SpeedPak technology enhances the speed of the software even further.

SpeedPak technology takes a new approach to handling large assemblies. It consumes less desktop resources and computer power but maintains all the graphical detail designers required. For example, when working on large, complex assemblies, designers have the option to open only the parts they need to work on, but still have the rest of the assembly ready if required. SpeedPak technology allows SolidWorks 2009 to run 65 percent faster, giving designers 12 hours of productivity in a 7.5-hour workday.

3DVIA is an authoring tool for creating images and 3D animations for technical publications, product documentation and marketing presentations. 3DVIA links with the CAD data so that any design changes made to a product automatically flow through to any technical documentation thereby eliminating time-consuming manual document revision.

The SolidWorks Innovation Day will include in-depth sessions on the new features contained within SolidWorks 2009 and 3DVIA, expert tips and tricks on using the software and customer examples to show the technology in action. Breakout sessions will include information about SolidWorks associated products, including DriveWorks, SolidWorks Simulation and SolidWorks PDM.

Speakers from Intercad include Scott Frayne, Managing Director; Freddie Grew, Sales and Marketing Director; and Shane Preston, Business Development Manager. SolidWorks speakers include Vic Leventhal, SolidWorks Co-founder, Consultant and Business Advisor, and Sharon Toh, General Manager, South Asia.

Customer speakers at the Brisbane event include commercial kitchen manufacturer, Stoddart Manufacturing. Bill Stoddart, Managing Director and Craig Johnson, Product Development Engineer, will detail how Stoddart Manufacturing uses SolidWorks in all stages of its design and manufacturing process from concept to future improvements.

In Sydney, Anthony Honeyfield and Tim Peacocke from design and engineering consultancy, Design and Industry, will present on the role SolidWorks has played in the development of a diverse range of products, from garden pruners to cricket helmets and the future potential for developing innovative and globally competitive design solutions.

Aeronautical innovators, Entecho, will tell the Perth audience how SolidWorks was used to develop a unique aerodynamic lifting process and an entirely new type of aerial craft called the CAV, or Compact Aerial Vehicle. In Adelaide, packaging company, Zork, will present how it designed and developed a re-sealable closure for sparkling wine, while in Melbourne, design consultancy, Invetech, will detail the use of SolidWorks in its design process.

SolidWorks 2009 and 3DVIA empowers designers, engineers and manufacturers with tools that help them design a quality product.
SolidWorks 2009 and 3DVIA are available from Intercad, sole distributors of SolidWorks 3D CAD/CAM technology in Australia and New Zealand.

Various additional SolidWorks 2009 features include:

Base levels of electronics design tool, CircuitWorks, is incorporated into SolidWorks 2009 to allow designers to integrate electronic and mechanical designs.

Large assembly handling improvements increase the speed of response from commands including window selection, copying and saving.

Drawing Quick View previews drawing files before they are opened so designers know they have chosen the file they need, reducing the time taken to open, and then close, large files.

A Simulation Adviser gives designers advice at every stage of the design process and analyses designs for hidden flaws. Designers are then prompted to choose more efficient and accurate design techniques as a project progresses.

Sensors can be set up to monitor variables including mass, properties, measurement and interferences, and then alert designers when limits have been exceeded by a particular design iteration.

Automated convert to sheetmetal functionality allows designers to design a solid part, specify the material thickness, edges and required rips, and SolidWorks automatically converts the part to sheetmetal.

Enhanced plastic design automates the creation of lip and curved groove features for plastic products.

Assembly Clearance Verification lets designers and engineers set ‘keep-out’ areas around parts to cater for operating requirements like heat or other moving parts.

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