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Intercad implement Solidworks CAD software to support Video 3D's new product launch

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Intercad  has successfully implemented their Solidworks CAD software with start-up company, 3D Video to respond to the pressures of budget, resources, functionality and aesthetics while launching their exciting new product on time.

Video 3D’s NuView attaches to the front of almost any camcorder and lets the user record and play back video in 3D.

"With SolidWorks CAD software, we achieved a free-flowing artistic design using sweeps, curves, and lofts. The result is excellent consumer acceptance of a truly innovative product," said Thomas Riederer, Chief Engineer

Intercad utilized this 3D modelling software as they required solid modelling, FEA, rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and CNC CAM. The modelling software also needed to be user-friendly to minimize the learning curve for 3D Video staff.

Solidworks CAD software was chosen as the modelling software offers a full-featured package with a ‘teaser’ price. Solidworks simplifies processes, from its feature richness and partner applications to its reputation for consistent releases of major upgrades.

Solidworks Simulation produced a seamless FEA stress analysis. All of the production injection moulds were completed in less than six weeks with no compatibility problems and the interference checker confirmed fits so that no time was wasted on mistakes.

‘Art-to-part’ meant virtually no major problems, circumventing the typical one-to-two months mould rework cycle.

The installation of Intercad’s Solidworks CAD software reduced Video 3D’s design time by 50% and saved weeks of work by using solid modelling and PhotoWorks. A few hours of conservative design replaced weeks of building and testing and functioning prototypes were created in just days through rapid prototyping from STL part files.

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