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Intercad SolidWorks design software reduces machine assembly time

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Stuart Manufacturing are Australia's commercial ice making machine suppliers. Stuart Manufacturing, having used the SolidWorks design software from Intercad , found that it helped them to achieve a reduction in machine assembly time.

Stuart Manufacturing have provided an overview regarding the challenges and benefits of SolidWorks design software.

Following are the challenges faced by Stuart Manufacturing during the machine assembly:

  • Visualise component fitment to reduce assembly time
  • Eliminate misalignment of mounting holes in sheet metal panels
  • Eliminate variance between suppliers of sheet metal components, due to variance in bend allowances

Following are the benefits of SolidWorks design software:

  • Virtual prototypes created to simplify fitment and assembly processes
  • New design variations created in a fraction of the time taken previously
  • Misalignment of holes eliminated
  • Variance in sheet metal panels eliminated

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