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ELSA has extended its line of consumer graphics boards with the addition of two new models based on NVIDIA's new GeForce4 graphics processing unit (GPU). The new boards will cater, not only for entry-level, high-end and extreme gamers, but also for multimedia fans with video-in/video-out functionality.

The Elsa Gladiac 925VIVO (video-in/video-out) is based on NVIDIA's new GeForce4 Ti 4600 GPU. Equipped with a 128MB DDR SDRAM, 2.8ns access time and a 650MHz effective memory clock, the Elsa Gladiac 925VIVO is aimed at extreme gamers and multimedia fans looking for state-of-the-art 3D performance.

In addition to offering faster performance, the it gives a new depth of quality to special effects with the new GeForce4, nFiniteFX II engine.

This fully programmable effects processor is now extended with new dual programmable vertex shaders and advanced programmable pixel shaders to create ultra-realistic effects in real time.

The new Lightspeed Memory Architecture II delivers almost twice the memory bandwidth of GeForce 3, whilst Accuview Antialiasing eliminates jagged and flickering edges.

The ELSA GLADIAC 925VIVO has a DVI-I interface for digital flat-panel displays and includes the new multi-monitor management tool, nView.

The board's video-in/video-out feature enables desktop video recording and editing, allowing 3D games and DVD movies to be viewed on a TV-screen and the ability to support dual monitors, particularly useful for multimedia projects that need extra screen space. Intercad 02 9975 7133.

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