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Graphics accelerator based on Nvidia technology

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INTERCAD has announced the launch of the ELSA Synergy4 Quadro4 550XGL graphics accelerator based on the Nvidia Quadro4 550XGL graphics processor. The new Synergy4 board is designed for users of entry-level and mid-range 3D CAD and engineering applications.

The Synergy4 features dynamic memory bandwidth management, hardware overlay planes, and accelerated anti-aliased points and lines.

Like its high-end GLoria4 XGL family counterpart, the ELSA Synergy4 550XGL utilises Nvidia's nView multi-display architecture.

Users can reduce their design time and equipment costs for complex projects, assigning a content editing window, a time-line editor, a color palette editor and a web browser to individual monitors - all using a single graphics board.

The ELSA Synergy4 550XGL features a unified memory architecture that dynamically allocates memory between graphics subsystems such as the frame buffer, texture memory and vertex memory.

This second-generation Lightspeed Memory Architecture, which dynamically load balances across Nvidia's patented crossbar memory controller, results in optimal memory bandwidth usage.

The Synergy4 550XGL supports both VGA and DVI displays and has 64MB DDR SDRAM. Intercad 02 9975 7133.

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