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Dynamic solutions for SolidWorks users

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INTERCAD has announced the release of MoldWorks 2001 Plus and SplitWorks 2001 Plus software products from R&B Mold and Die Design. Both technologies, aimed for SolidWorks users in the mould design and die industries, are enhanced to help users significantly increase productivity, while saving time and money.

MoldWorks includes initial mould estimation and automatic plate drawings. SplitWorks includes complete parametric functionality (history) and enhancements to splitting and lofting options.

MoldWorks 2001 Plus enhancements:

· Initial mould base estimation - MoldWorks suggests a mould base size. The software considers relevant inserts according to a set of user modifiable rules. This process accelerates the mould design process and guarantees optimal mould size.

· Automatic 2D plate drawings - eliminate hours of tedious plate dimensioning. With seamless SolidWorks associativity, MoldWorks 2001 Plus plate modifications will automatically update detail plate drawings ensuring design integrity.

SplitWorks 2001 Plus enhancements:

· History generation - creates complete parametric functionality with the original part. Part design changes will be automatically propagated to the solid inserts, (and the mould) eliminating costly and untimely mould retooling.

· Analysis enhancements - "no draft" core and "no draft" cavity categories are part of the analysis. An option to include them into the core and cavity parts automatically is also available. Selective automatic parting line on "both side" faces can be previewed and/or created during the splitting phase.

· Lofting - direction can be input through edge selection. A built-in redundancy overcomes composite curve and lofting reorder failures.

These new features enable users to finish part surfaces quickly and efficiently. Intercad 02 9975-7133.

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