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INTERCAD has announced the availability of the Elsa Gloria DCC graphics board. Extremely fast and optimised for 3D Studio MAX 4 from DiscreetS with these properties the Elsa Gloria DCC is the optimal tool for digital content creation.

With the nFinite-FX engine integrated in the NVIDIA processor Quadro DCC, the Elsa Gloria DCC offers a fully programmable effects processor.

In combination with the DirectX 8 API, this enables animation specialists to view spectacular effects in real time on the screen without time-consuming rendering.

With the Elsa Gloria DCC, 3D designers are offered almost inexhaustible possibilities to create their products such as computer games, films or animation for TV productions, architecture visualizations or websites with a completely individual range and combination of effects.

In addition, the Gloria DCC includes the dedicated 3D Studio MAX driver ELSA MAXtreme, which expands and accelerates the functions of the animation software in the familiar way.

This makes the Gloria DCC a high-end solution for creative, efficient 3D

modeling, rendering and animations with 3D Studio MAX 4. Intercad 02 9975 7133.

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