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CircuitWorks software available from Intercad

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SolidWorks has announced its acquisition of UK-based Priware Limited, a SolidWorks Gold Partner and developer of CircuitWorks.

CircuitWorks software bridges the gap between electronic CAD and mechanical CAD software, providing a platform for engineers to integrate electronic and mechanical designs for electrical products.

CircuitWorks enables engineers to accelerate and simplify electronic product design by integrating ECAD files into their 3D models and 2D drawings.

As a SolidWorks Gold Partner Product, CircuitWorks allows engineers to ensure electronic components such as printed circuit boards (PCBs) will fit and work correctly in their products all within the SolidWorks software design window.

Previously, a lot of electronics development involved designing the product to fit around the electronic components. SolidWorks and CircuitWorks together let engineers design PCBs to fit inside product frames, for products varying from an MP3 player to the dashboard of a new car.

“Integrated design systems reduce the risk that something, somewhere along the line, will have to be reworked,” says Scott Frayne, Managing Director, Intercad . “It also takes another step out of the design process for Australian designers and manufacturers, meaning better products brought to market more quickly”.

CircuitWorks is available with the SolidWorks Premium package, distributed in Australia and New Zealand solely by CAM/CAM specialist, Intercad.

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