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INTERCAD has announced the latest version of Revit, with enhanced capabilities that support well-documented building designs more quickly than before. Revit 4.0 - the 10th release since April 2000 - makes clear the contrast between sophisticated architectural design and production systems, and previous-generation legacy CAD.

Revit 4.0's advanced parametric building technology supports architects, structural engineers and construction professionals by presenting building information appropriately for each discipline.

Architects, engineers and builders each work as they prefer, unconstrained by the burden of manual coordination of deliverables placed on them by traditional systems.

Building professionals using Revit 4.0 work naturally in familiar, conventional drawing and schedule views of the project. As they work graphically, drawing the building, the parametric building model captures information about the development of the project for other building drawings and documentation.

As a result, additional information is simultaneously created that enables architects and construction professionals to quantify the scope of a project's content and materials.

Among the numerous features introduced in this latest release of Revit is a significantly advanced capacity for complex and expressive geometry, supporting architects and designers in creating highly imaginative designs within the industry's most powerful architectural production system.

Revit enables architects to sketch and describe areas of different appearance, design, color or texture on any surface within the model producing highly detailed renderings and other documentation.

Revit 4.0 also delivers the first structural engineering package ever integrated into a parametric building modeling system. Engineers can concurrently layout structural framing by simply picking building supports, and Revit's parametric building modeler automatically creates relationships between and among the building elements.

All structural documents are up-to-date and consistent with the architectural data, even as multiple designers work simultaneously on the model. Intercad 02 9975 7133.

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