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Ac magnetic module for design analysis

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INTERCAD has announced the release of the ac magnetic module of Cosmos/EMS by Structural Research and Analysis Corp, the developers of the Cosmos suite of design analysis products.

This latest addition allows analysis of a variety of applications, including transformers, electric motors, induction machines, eddy-current braking systems, induction heating, and circuit breakers.

Cosmos/EMS, which is based on the finite element method (FEM), provides answers to physical equations without any simplifications or assumptions.

The ac magnetic analysis calculates the effects of alternating currents (ac) or voltages in electromagnetic devices.

These effects include skin effects, eddy currents, and power loss due to eddy currents.

Cosmos/EMS is fully embedded in Cosmos/DesignSTAR, which interfaces SolidWorks and other selected CAD packages and includes electrostatic analysis, electric conduction analysis, magnetostatic analysis, and ac magnetic analysis. Intercad 02 9975 7133.

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