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AGP 8x-optimised professional graphics

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INTERCAD has announced the launch of two new Wildcat4 products by 3Dlabs. The Wildcat4 7210 and Wildcat4 7110 graphics accelerators, represent the high and ultra high end Wildcat professional graphics accelerator line, increasing the performance of AGP 8x-based workstations.

The cards deliver up to 32 per cent higher graphics performance than any other currently shipping card used for high-end CAD and DCC, advanced video compositing, and HDTV editing.

Wildcat4 technology takes advantage of the new AGP 8x interface standard, transferring 2GB of graphics information per second between the graphics card and system.

The Wildcat4 architecture also combines geometry and raster engines into a single, high-performance, high-bandwidth, integrated processor.

Wildcat4 graphics products are available next month in leading systems running Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Both cards feature custom drivers for AutoCAD and 3ds max. 3Dlabs also plans to introduce its own 3D-optimised Linux drivers for the Wildcat4 family.

There are two Wildcat4 models: the ultra high-end Wildcat4 7210 with 384MB of on-board memory - the first AGP8x add-in board to offer this capacity - and the high-end Wildcat4 7110 with 256MB on-board memory.

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