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INTERCAD has announced the availability of NavisWorks - a new technology for the real time design review of 3D models - enabling navigation, collaboration and coordination without constraint.

NavisWorks from LightWork Design is particularly good with large 3D models and can simultaneously co-ordinate models from the most common 3D CAD setups.

NavisWorks leverages the design review benefit from a 3D investment. 3D models, and their collaborative use throughout the project team, are constrained, because until now such models were too large for interactivity on standard hardware.

Until now, no one has been able to view and navigate through extremely large 3D models without having to invest heavily in software or expensive hardware.

The new technology that drives NavisWorks allows users to navigate smoothly in real time through 3D models with hundreds of thousands, even millions, of polygons - with no slow down in frame rate.

NavisWorks performs with the most popular AEC CAD packages such as SolidWorks, Autodesk etc. These different file formats can be imported into NavisWorks and viewed in one complete single model environment.

The ability to unite multiple types of 3D CAD files into a single environment for 3D design review allows a wide range of companies, contractors and designers to collaborate without different file formats getting in the way of effective communication.

NavisWorks can be installed and run on a standard office PC; no expensive hardware upgrades are necessary.

NavisWorks features 3D Mail, effectively enabling the communication of the latest design and design changes to the entire project team at their separate locations across countries, continents and time zones.

NavisWorks brings all the 3D design models together in a single model environment to enable the discovery and identification of faults or flaws early in the project.

NavisWorks can check and show any areas where models interfere or "clash" with each other. Catching these faults early - during the design process, rather than on site - saves both time and money. Intercad 02 9975 7133.

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