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3D color printer now 3 times faster

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INTERCAD has announced the release of the Z406 3D color printer from Z Corporation which can create 3D physical models from digital data three times faster than Z Corporation's award-winning Z402 System.

This new printer can print up to 2.5 litres of finished part per hour, and can print six different parts the size and shape of a soft drink can in less than two hours.

The Z406 3D Printer can print in six million colors (24-bit) and uses a new pigment system for fuller, brighter color. The software interface included with the system, Magics Z, was designed by Materialise Software and provides full painting and highlighting capabilities. Its text labeling option includes common functions like date and revision coding.

The printer operates at approximately one-third the speed in full color mode as it does in monochrome.

This is the first product of a cross-licensing agreement between Hewlett Packard and Z Corporation in the field of 3D printing. Z Corporation and Hewlett Packard signed a cross licensing agreement in January of 2000 and has been in technical collaboration in the field of 3D printing.

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