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Range of modems and modules from InterCEL

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InterCEL  offers wireless communication and data transfer solutions through its diverse range of modems and modules. The InterCEL CTS range of modems from InterCEL is easy to install and is available in various models. InterCEL CTS is available with 3db-gain antenna and it can be powered by 240v AC linear power supply or switch-mode power supply or by a battery.

The Industrial Grade Module MEL 9181 range of modules from InterCEL provides reliable wireless communication solutions for toughest environments. OPEN AT range of softwares from InterCEL can be embedded with Wavecom Wireless CPU's for wireless data transfer without the overhead for any external modem.

The Wavecom Q24NG range of modems from InterCEL offers reliable data transfer with transfer rates up to GPRS Class 10. InterCEL SAM3G range of modems from InterCEL comes in compact sizes and are light in weight. SAM3G range of modems has a diverse range of application in sending/ receiving SMS and transfer of Packet Switch Data and Circuit Switched Data.

Wavecom Fastrack M1306B range of modems from InterCEL provide stable and reliable data transfer across wireless networks with a transfer rate of GPRS Class 10.

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