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Modems and module solutions from InterCEL

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InterCEL  specialise in supplying of wireless mobile data solutions for 3G, GSM and GPRS mobiles. InterCEL, in 1988, was the first mobile solution provider for remote meter reading in Australia. The customers and integrators can benefit the expertise of InterCEL.

The mobile data solutions include services such as automated meter reading, security industry monitoring, in-vehicle solutions, fleet management, SMS gateway hardware and security industry monitoring. The in-house unit of InterCEL manufacture and supply GPRS and GSM modems.

InterCEL also offer module solutions. The modem and module solution products include Sam 3G, Sam 2W, Sam 2L, Sam 10E, Wavecom Fast track M1306B, Industrial Grade Module MEL9181 and Wavecom Q24NG CPU GSM/GPRS. The integrated solutions product includes InterCEL CTS.

Sam3G is the new product of InterCEL manufactured for the machine to machine applications and 3G mobiles. The features of the compact Sam3G are coverage, speed, serial ports and USB. Sam3G can either be integrated with any other solution or it can also be used as an individual wireless broadband modem.

Sam3G can be used for applications such as sending and receiving of SMS, packet switched data and circuit switched data. The benefits of Sam3G include remote video downloads, in-vehicle mobile broadband and download speed of 3.6Mbps.

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