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First mineral analysis system in an operating mine

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Intellection has installed Peru's first QEMSCAN system -- the first system to be commissioned in an operating mine.

The Cerro Verde porphyry copper mine in Arequipa is operated by Sociedad Minera Cerro Verde S.A.A., a Peruvian subsidiary of Phelps Dodge, one of the world's largest producers of copper and molybdenum.

Monitoring of crushing machines and mine blasting was undertaken during a pre-installation survey last year, as the QEMSCAN system instrumentation can be sensitive to nearby vibrations.

Additionally, the Cerro Verde mine lies within an area prone to earthquakes and tremors, so it was decided to utilise vibration isolation pads upon system installation.

Intellection expects on-site QEMSCAN installations to become more prevalent as mining customers move to get rigorous automated mineral analysis done in near real-time.

By analysing samples on-site the delays associated with packing samples, customs and logistics can be avoided. The system was commissioned and measuring samples in just four days.

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