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Unwiring is next logical advance, Barrett says

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Unwiring the consumer is the next logical advance in consumer electronics, delivering greater freedom and accessibility through a range of silicon advances, Intel ceo Craig Barrett has said.

Brought up in an era of fast-moving technology innovation, digital consumers have higher expectations of what tomorrow's devices must do, according to Barrett.

"Consumers will be drawn to devices that give them greater mobility, productivity and style, as well as new ways to enjoy digital music, movies, photos and games in more places," Barrett said.

"Unwiring the consumer minimises physical connections and inspires people's imaginations to explore new ways to work, live and play through easy-to-use technology."

To accelerate the process of unwiring the consumer, Intel is bringing more capabilities to silicon and creating new computing and communications architectures.

"This developmental work will lead to the creation of unwired digital devices, more users and more opportunity," Barrett said, adding that in the future all devices will be able to communicate and compute.

PCs remain the most powerful and flexible device available to consumers, and continue to evolve with new capabilities, Barrett continued.

"The PC is becoming unwired; wireless technologies are being integrated into the PC, which will offer the user more freedom and flexibility,” Barrett said.

Intel will introduce the Centrino (formerly Banias) mobile technology for notebook computers in the first half of this year.

The technology includes an embedded wireless capability as well as features designed to enable extended battery life, thinner and lighter form factors, and outstanding mobile performance.

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