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Tera-Scale Computing Research Program

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INTEL has introduced its Tera-Scale Computing Research Program, a broad effort within Intel’s research community to develop future platforms that will deliver capabilities well beyond those of today’s computers.

The Tera-Scale program will be a global effort, involving hundreds of researchers driving more than 80 related projects at Intel research and development labs throughout the world.

This program covers a wide breadth of research areas including development of silicon and platform technologies and enabling highly threaded software, with a goal to deliver platforms using processors with 10’s or even 100’s of cores within the following decade.

One facet of the overall program is the significant effort put into analysis of what people will need from their PCs and servers in the following decade.

Thus, analysis of future software tasks, or “workloads,” will play a critical, driving role in the direction of the research.

Intel’s R&D labs are a network of more than 75 laboratories around the world, where more than 7,000 researchers and engineers are focused on fueling innovation for Intel’s future platforms.

Intel’s labs conduct research in a broad range of technology areas including processor and systems architecture, communications, software and advanced manufacturing processes.

The Intel Developer Forum (IDF) is the direction-setting communications and computing industry program for Intel architecture-based design, development and solutions.

Launched in 1997 as a gathering of 200 developers in San Francisco, IDF is a growing, worldwide program attended by more than 25,000 technology experts annually.

IDF helps key players expand their knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, gain tools for building enterprise-level solutions and make powerful connections.

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