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Notebook PCs becoming fashion items

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Laptop PCs and bags are finally breaking into the fashion spotlight with new designs, colours and more convenient features. Intel recently conducted a survey of more than 70 Australian fashion designers and fashion design students, which revealed that consumers’ perception of laptop PCs is changing.

More than 30 per cent of the designers confirmed that notebooks are fashion statements. No longer simply a productivity tool for business travellers, laptop PCs are transforming into cool fashion tools for consumers – emerging from monotone grey boxes to trendy communication tools that come in new colours, designs, and sizes that people can use wherever they go and for whatever they do.

The same is happening for laptop PC bags, evolving from dull black briefcases carrying heavy equipment, to sleek and colourful accessories. Many of the latest designs are on the fast track to becoming as fashionable as their content.

The designers confirmed that there are many ways of making these bags more interesting, for example as a diamond studded handbag or a backpack featuring prints of flaming race cars. It is very similar to clothes or shoes, where the designers always need to look out for new trends and reflect them in their products.

Designers also think that men and women look for different styles of their laptop PCs. According to the designers, while both like their laptops to be slim and light, men prefer understated colours, such as black and silver, and women cannot get it colourful enough. One designer explained that women essentially choose their laptops and bags the same ways as they select their phones, handbags and other accessories. Men want to look smart, cool and professional and the designs need to reflect this as well.

A practical step towards creating more fashionable laptop PCs is the collaboration between Intel and Toray Ultrasuede (America), Inc. The two companies recently unveiled a new “ultrafashionable” concept laptop PC. Bringing together brains and beauty in an impressive mobile package, the “ultrafashionable” concept systems are designed to inspire the computer industry to deliver laptop PCs that feature innovation both inside and out, transforming them into true reflections of their owners’ personal style.

The unique design features Ultrasuede® to deliver a sophisticated and luxurious personal touch to mobile computing, along with the performance and convenience provided by Intel® Centrino® mobile technology. The “ultrafashionable” concept PC includes wireless communications features with great performance and battery life, while the unique Ultrasuede design appeals to consumers’ sense of style, providing a sophisticated, personalised approach to technology.

Both companies conducted a study that found that 73 per cent of U.S. adult computer users want to buy technology products that reflect their personal style, and three quarters (76 per cent) of those computer users who admit to glancing at someone else’s laptop PC are checking out its style or design. Sixty per cent of the respondents would like to be able to customise their notebook with options such as colour, patterns and fabric.

“With notebook PCs becoming everyday products, they closely follow the evolution of mobile phones that have turned from functional communication devices into fashionable personal gadgets”, said Stephanie Hallford, director of Mobility and Digital Health Brand Management, Intel Asia Pacific.

“Intel has continually evolved what goes inside notebooks, making them ever more powerful and mobile, and now we are working to inspire the industry to transform the outsides of notebooks to better reflect consumers’ mobile lifestyle.”

Since the introduction of Intel Centrino mobile technology more than two years ago, Intel has made it possible for the industry to introduce smaller, lighter, more powerful wirelessly-enabled products that can be used anywhere.

Connecting to wireless Internet access points with wirelessly-enabled devices is quickly becoming part of everyday life, as notebook PCs emerge into fashionable, must have companions for communication, work and entertainment.

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