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Leading-edge wafer manufacturing facility

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INTEL Corporation has re-opened an advanced, high-volume semiconductor manufacturing facility in Arizona, USA. It has been converted into a leading-edge 300mm, 65nm process factory.

Called Fab 12, the factory is Intel’s second volume- production fab using 65nm process technology produced on the industry’s largest wafer size (300mm), which provides the Intel fab with the potential to generate the world’s highest microprocessor output at the lowest cost.

It is also the most technologically advanced, high-volume semiconductor manufacturing plant in the world building multi-core microprocessors.

The Fab 12 conversion project, which began in 2004 and cost roughly US$2 billion, was completed in approximately 18 months. Fab 12 is Intel’s fifth fab using 300mm wafers.

Intel has the largest network of advanced 300mm wafer fabs in the industry. Intel’s other facilities that manufacture using 300mm wafers are Fab 11X in New Mexico, D1D and D1C in Oregon and Fab 24 in Ireland.

Fab 12’s re-opening is the latest in a string of six Intel announcements regarding re-investment in its USA manufacturing sites. In total, the announcements made in 2005 reflect a combination of more than US$4 billion of new USA-based manufacturing expansion. These investments will add over 2,000 jobs (not including construction jobs).

This project, which extends Intel’s presence in Arizona, capitalises on the area’s highly skilled workforce. As part of the conversion project, Intel sent over 800 Fab 12 employees to other Intel fabs, including in Ireland, Oregon and New Mexico, during the construction phase to obtain advanced training on the newest tools and cutting edge 300mm technology.

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