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Itanium processors infringe Intergraph patents

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Intel has been dealt a major blow with a Texas court ruling its Itanium-based products ‘literally infringe’ on parallel instruction computing (PIC) patents held by Intergraph.

In his order, Judge T. John Ward ruled that Intel infringed two claims of the ‘028 patent and seven claims of the ‘003 patent.

The judge also determined that Intergraph is entitled to an injunction on Intel’s Itanium or Itanium 2 processors, according to Intergraph chairman and ceo Jim Taylor.

“This ruling validates Intergraph’s patents, and paves the way for our Intellectual Property division to actively pursue open licensing with others throughout the consumer electronics and computer industries,” Taylor said.

“We are pleased that the company’s long-standing dispute with Intel has concluded with yet another significant return from the Company’s investment in innovation.”

Taylor said that Fujitsu is the first company to license PIC technology for use in its consumer electronics and embedded applications.

The decision comes after an earlier infringement dispute, in which Intel paid Intergraph US$300 million and licensed the company’s Clipper technology patents.

Under mediation, both companies agreed to set liquidated damages for the PIC patent case during the earlier settlement, obligating Intel to pay US$150 million and take one of three options.

These options see Intel either pay an additional US$100 million and license the PIC patents for its Itanium products, appeal the decision and pay Intergraph an additional US$100 million if they lose, or try to design around the infringement.

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