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Intel offers support for EPA’s Energy Star computer specifications

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Highlighting its leadership and long history of delivering innovative energy-saving technologies and products, Intel Corporation has unveiled its support for the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) newly released Energy Star computer specifications.

Intel plans to deliver microprocessors and other system components that will help enable PC and laptop suppliers to deliver Energy Star qualified systems, when these new specifications go into effect in mid-2007.

Intel continues to work closely with the EPA and other worldwide organisations to develop and deliver energy-efficient technologies. The new Intel Core 2 Duo processors will provide the high-performance and energy efficiency people want. The new Energy Star specification provides a meaningful step forward in identifying more energy-efficient PCs.

Encouraging adoption of this new Energy Star program, Intel will work jointly with the EPA to provide energy efficiency design expertise to smaller system vendors, collectively referred to as the channel, to help enable their targeted offerings to meet the specifications. This effort will culminate with publishing a white paper detailing a recipe system, vendors can follow to ensure their computers qualify.   

Intel’s accomplishments, furthering the energy efficiency of PCs, include providing processors for the first Energy Star qualified PCs in 1992. More recently, the new Intel Core Microarchitecture has spawned a host of products such as Intel Core 2 Duo processors that lead the industry in energy-efficient performance.

The EPA’s recognition of Intel’s accomplishments in the area of energy efficiency includes special Energy Star recognition awards in 2001, for developing the Instantly Available PC technology, which reduced PC energy consumption by 71 percent, and in 2004, for significantly improving power supply efficiency.   

About the 2007 revision of the Energy Star specification
The newly published Version 4.0. Tier 1 specification for computers will go into effect on July 20, 2007, and will replace the Version 3.0, Tier 2 specification that has been in effect since July 2000. The new version is intended to continue to differentiate the market for energy-efficient computers and accelerate the market penetration of energy-efficient technologies.

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