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Intel and VeriSign secure Banias PCs

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Intel has signed a multi-year agreement with VeriSign to optimise and integrate their hardware and software solutions to improve wireless security in Banias-based notebooks.

Under the deal, VeriSign will optimise its digital certificates and personal trust agent (PTA) for future mobile computing platforms based on the Banias mobile processor.

The outcome is expected to enable improved security enhanced remote access and messaging, single sign-on and trusted peer-to-peer computing in the enterprise environment, according to Intel Mobile Platforms Group VP Anand Chandrasekher.

“Our work together will enable a new generation of safer, mobile wireless computing, bringing a wide range of security enhanced applications and software for future Banias PC users,” Chandrasekher said.

“This is a significant step in addressing authentication and security issues, both of which are critical for end users who desire increased mobility.”

Chandrasekher said the collaboration would enable PC OEMs to integrate VeriSign’s PTA and digital certificates into their Banias-based mobile PC designs.

Mobile users will then have a platform that can be deployed with VeriSign’s PKI services to enable strong authentication, authorisation, digital signatures, encryption and more secure messaging.

By incorporating digital certificate functionality into TPM chips that support Banias-based PCs, a user’s digital certificates and attributes can be stored in hardware, making it more difficult to compromise the certificates and attributes via traditional network or Internet connections, Chandrasekher continued.

This also transforms any TPM-enabled Banias-based mobile PC into a ‘digital credential’ that can then be used to perform many e-business functions in the enterprise environment, Chandrasekher added.

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