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Intel Developer Forum showcases processors, mobile platforms and technologies

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Intel  developer forum held on 20 August, 2008 showcased latest processors, mobile platforms and technologies. At the forum, a roadmap was drawn for Intel’s power efficient computing. Intel’s next-generation processor family displayed at the forum includes a new turbo mode, which shifts the processor into a higher gear without a heat penalty.

At the Intel developer forum, Intel demonstrated Intel Core i7 processors and server products named Nehalem-EP. Intel also showcased Nehalem-EX designed for the expandable sever market. Intel’s desktops, Havendale and Lynnfield, and mobiles, Auburndale and Clarksfield, are client versions and will be introduced in the second half of 2009.

Intel Hyper-Threading Technology delivers up to 8-threaded performance capability on 4 cores and provides memory bandwidth that uses QuickPath Interconnect. The QuickPath Interconnect is a technology that connects processors, chipsets and memory together. The Intel Xeon processor X7460 and 16MBL3 cache will be launched in September, 2008. An Intel Architecture (IA) based design Larrabee was introduced at the forum which targets the personal computer graphics market and supports DirectX and OpenGL.

Intel’s first working laptop platform, Calpella, demonstrated at the Intel developer forum redefines computing on-the-go by giving users a new computing visual experience, better manageability and security, enhanced turbo mode features and evolutionary power management for notebooks. Intel’s mobile-focused quad-core laptop workstation with Intel Core 2 Extreme processor and second-generation dual-core mobile processors for ultra thin and light notebook PCs were also launched at the forum.

Intel anti-theft technology featured at the Intel developer forum has an intelligent hardware-based detection and response mechanisms that enable IT managers or service providers to disable the platform and/or access to data in case of loss or theft. The WiMAX 4G networks displayed at the Intel developer forum will connect a plethora of mobile platforms and devices within United States and plans to turn on a citywide network in Baltimore in September.

One of the two announcements made at the Intel Developer Forum informed that Dell has joined Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Panasonic, and Toshiba to include the Intel WiMAX/WiFi Link 5050 series module to future laptop product lines. The second announcement informed that Intel has announced an award of four prizes to the most innovative ideas for applying technology to meet needs related to education, health care, economic development and the environment.

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