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Wilden plastic pump P4 38mm available from Integrity Pumps and Engineering

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article image The Wilden Pro-Flo model P4 plastic pump

The Wilden Pro-Flo model P4 from Integrity Pumps and Engineering has a 38mm inlet and 38mm outlet, designed for flows to 354 lpm (94 gpm). The Wilden P4 plastic pump is manufactured with wetted parts of pure, unpigmented, PTFE or polypropylene.

The Wilden P4 plastic is constructed with a polypropylene center block. A variety of diaphragms and o-rings are available to satisfy temperature, chemical compatibility, abrasion and flex concerns. The suction pipe size should be at least 38mm diameter or larger if highly viscous material is being pumped. The suction hose must be non-collapsible, reinforced type as the Wilden P4 is capable of pulling a high vacuum.

Discharge piping should be at least 38 mm, larger diameter can be used to reduce friction losses. It is critical that all fittings and connections are airtight or a reduction or loss of pump suction capability will result. For Wilden P4 plastic models, Wilden offer 150 lb. standard and metric flanges.

The following details should be noted when mating these to pipe works:

  • A 60–80 shore gasket that covers the entire flange face should be used.
  • The gasket should be between 1.91 mm and 4.45 mm thickness.
  • Mating flanges with flat as opposed to raised surfaces should be used for proper mechanical sealing.
  • The flanges should be tightened to a minimum of 6.8 N•m (5 ft-lbs) but no more than 13.5 N•m (10 ft-lbs).

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