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Wilden Pumps available from Integrity Pumps & Engineering

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Integrity Pumps & Engineering is a young, aggressive company which supplies pumps and pumping products throughout Australia.  

Integrity Pumps & Engineering's core business is carried out as the NSW agent, supplier and repairer of Wilden double diaphragm air pumps and associated products to the mining and general industries.   

The Wilden product is a well respected product which covers a full range including ¼”,  ½”,  1”,  1 ½”,  2”,  3”  and 4”pumps.  

The smaller range of Wilden pumps, up to and including the 2” pump, can be supplied in a range of different materials. 

There are different grades of polypropylene plastic which can pump anything from the cleanest of water to the nastiest of chemicals. 

The internals or working parts of the Wilden pumps can be set up to suit the needs of the customer with personalised service available. 

The full range of Wilden pumps are also available in different metals ranging from aluminium through to cast iron and stainless steel.  These Wilden pumps can also be set up to suit any customer needs.  

Wilden manufacture and build a full range of pumps for the food and wine industry which are used extensively throughout Australia in the pie and sausage roll industry, meat processing and pet food production and many more.  

All of the Wilden products mentioned above are 1.1 ratio pumps which mean that the amount of product that enters the pump leaves the pump at the same rate.  

Wilden also manufacture a range of high pressure double diaphragm air pumps which are built in sizes ¼”,  1 ½” and  2”. 

They are constructed of aluminium and stainless steel and are suitable for pumping higher pressures and longer distances.  

Wilden also produce a range of dosing pumps and accessories, and electronic pump cycle monitors, suitable for the ink and associated industries; equalizers, sound shields and drum pump kits. 

The drum pump kits are built to fit any size Wilden pump and can fit any size drum.

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